Cannabis analysis with Advion: Integrated Solutions for Potency and Safety with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer and Solation ICP-MS.
Experience the full Advion suite
The expression family of Compact Mass Spectrometers was developed with maximum versatility in mind, allowing users to switch rapidly between the many different sample introduction techniques required throughout an analyst’s workflow; from simple direct Probe Analysis to Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography and prep-scale purification. Now with ICP-MS, Advion provides a full elemental analysis for a robust family of Cannabis Analysis Solutions.

The ASAP-CMS range provides a high-throughput Cannabinoid Testing Method for Cannabis Quality Control. The ASAP-CMS is a simple, sensitive and selective sample introduction approach to measure the presence of two isobaric compounds, CBDA and THCA, contained in a complex sample such as Hemp or Cannabis plants or their corresponding extraction products. The expression CMS with ASAP Probe provides a simple, but relatively high-throughput screening approach to potentially differentiate Hemp and Marijuana or possibly other Cannabis strains.

It is able to provide a relative composition of CBDA and THCA in Hemp and Marijuana plants using the ‘ion current abundance’ differences. The ASAP Probe is a solvent-free, green-technique which requires no sample preparation and provides sensitive analysis of the widest range of compounds in less than 30 seconds. The LC/CMS range provides fast, accurate, high throughput quantitative analysis with Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM). The LC/CMS provides quantification of Cannabinoids to help determine the optimal harvest timing. It is also used for measurement of pesticide levels. Rapid Detection of Cannabinoids with the Plate Express TLC Plate Reader is available whereby, the Plate Express TLC plate reader provides a ‘push-button analysis’ of a TLC plate, extracting the compounds present and transporting to the expression CMS for rapid analysis. The TLC plate reader has the ability to analyse separated components straight from the plate thus, sample preparation is drastically shortened by eliminating steps of scraping, dissolution and filtering. Identification of spots is done in less than a minute.

N.B. Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy partners with Bauer Instruments and Systems w.r.t sales and service of the Advion Product Range as Mr Grant Bauer, MD of Bauer Instruments and Systems, has 30 years of experience with the servicing of the product range.