From Left to Right: Mr Phineas Moremi (Senior Lab Technician), Mr Emmanuel Madinani (Senior Lab Technician), Mr Sfiso Maseko (Senior Lab Technician) and Prof Manimbulu Nlooto (Head of Pharmacy Department)

The CAMAG HPTLC system equipped with CAMAG Automatic TLC Sampler 4 (ATS4), CAMAG Automatic Development Chamber 2 (ADC2), CAMAG TLC Visualizer 2 and CAMAG HPTLC Software (VisionCATS) was purchased by Prof. Manimbulu Nlooto from the University of Limpopo (UL). Prof. Manimbulu is the Head of Department of Pharmacy at the UL.

HPTLC is an advanced Thin-Layer Chromatography technique automating a number of steps in order to increase the quality of resolution whilst, accurately estimating chemical constituents. The system is used in standardization, identification, and quality control analysis of complex plant extracts. This chromatographic-fingerprinting technique is very useful due to its advantages that include; its ability to use relative small volumes of mobile phase to run several samples simultaneously on the same plate. Thus, there is a reduced cost per analysis as well as reduced analysis time.

In the Pharmacy department, the CAMAG setup will play a key part in fingerprinting within the chemical profiling of medicinal plants used in the treatment of cancer and women’s health. UL will in future use the CAMAG instrumentation for the quantification and method development of medicinal plants.