Lipidomics and Metabolomics


Identify and quantify individual lipid species or metabolites with long-lasting, stable electrospray from direct extracts of biological samples including extracts from solvents containing chloroform, isopropanol, or methanol. Consistent profile response from reproducible chip-based nano-electrospray without LC separation. High throughput sample analysis from 96 or 384 sample plates Faster analysis than traditional LC/MS No carry-over [...]

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Advion’s wide range of mass spectrometry solutions provides essential pharmaceutical data quickly and easily. Utilize Advion’s mass spec solutions for efficient, cost-effective QA/QC for instant results. Advion offers a full range of pharmaceutical solutions with innovative sample techniques. From one-touch sampling for liquids, solids and tablets to an automated nanoelectrospray ionization source, those working in [...]




Experience a wide range of environmental testing solutions with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), SOLATION ICP-MS and AVANT (U)HPLC. From multi-elemental analysis to simple, quick screening methods, Advion provides a range of mass spec solutions for environmental analysis of water, soil, plant material, airborne particles and more. More Information Download Brochure




Advion’s mass spectrometry solutions can be used in a variety of clinical settings, optimizing daily routine tasks for increased efficiency and throughput, while minimizing costs. Advion offers: The SOLATION ICP-MS is the ideal tool for robust, high sensitivity multi-element analysis of all biological matrices. The expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) with the AVANT (U)HPLC system is optimized for clinical LC/MS assays such as [...]


Proteins and Peptides


Advion’s wide range of mass spectrometry solutions make protein and peptide analysis easy and provides flexible options for a wide variety of applications. Take advantage of essential tools for protein analysis, including:  The expression CMS extended range mass spectrometer for large molecules including proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides. The AVANT (U)HPLC for quantitative protein analysis when coupled to the expression CMS. The TriVersa [...]

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Food and Ingredients


Advion provides integrated laboratory solutions for comprehensive food and ingredient testing with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), AVANT (U)HPLC, and SOLATION ICP-MS. Analytical instrumentation for characterization, screening and purity determination. Measurement and quantitation of pesticides, toxic metals, and other contaminants. More Information Download Brochure

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Cannabis and Hemp


Advion offers integrated solutions for potency and safety with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), AVANT (U)HPLC, and SOLATION ICP-MS including analysis and quantification of cannabinoids, pesticides, and heavy metals. Take advantage of Advion’s full product to execute a variety of screening and quantitative regulatory tests including: Full spectrum cannabinoid analysis, including CBDA, THCA, CBD, THC, and CBN testing, [...]

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The expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), the standard for mass analysis in chemistry labs worldwide, is available with a teaching package offering professors the ability to provide students with industry-related knowledge and experience in mass spectrometry. To bring mass spectrometry into the classroom, Advion offers: A compact, easy to use benchtop mass spectrometer for both students and researchers. [...]


Reaction Monitoring & Compound ID Reaction Monitoring & Compound ID


The expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) addresses the need of organic and synthetic chemists to understand the optimal time to quench a reaction mixture. They can obtain answers within minutes rather than hours or days. Additionally, the multiple inlet techniques of the atmospheric samples analysis probe (ASAP), Plate Express TLC plate reader, direct injection and more provides the ultimate in [...]

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Proteomics and Glycomics


Using the TriVersa NanoMate as a versatile ion-source to support both top-down as well as bottom-up proteomics, utilize the benefit of nano-electrospray to fully characterize a protein of interest including its PTMs and glycan structure. Combined top-down and bottom-up workflow support Simultaneous fraction collection and on-line LC/MS for further infusion re-analysis of fractions Long [...]

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