Feeding Technology DE


Haben Sie sich schon mal Gedanken darüber gemacht, was Ihre Zellen brauchen, um effektiv produzieren zu können?Unser Ernährungsexperte Feedy erklärt die Vorteile eines Fed-Batch Screening und präsentiert die Lösung für eine optimale Stammauswahl.Um uns die Unterschiede vom konventionellen Batch-Screening zu den Versuchbedingungen mit der Kuhner Feeding-Technologie zu demonstrieren, taucht Feedy jetzt erst mal ganz tief [...]

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Feeding Technology


Have you ever thought about what your cells need to effectively produce?Our nutrition expert “Feedy” will explain the advantages of a fed-batch screening and present the solution for choosing an optimum strain.To demonstrate the differences between conventional batch screening and the cultivation conditions with Kuhner Feeding Technology, ‘Feedy’ is now going to dive deeply into [...]

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Kuhner TOM


Kuhner TOM (Transfer-Rate Online Measurement) measures online oxygen transfer rate (OTR), carbon dioxide transfer rate (CTR) and the respiratory quotient (RQ) in up to 16 individual shake flasks for better process understanding and informed process development. TOM is easily installed in any Kuhner shaker and can be operated with various flask types and sizes including [...]

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Lab-Shaker LS-Z with Kuhner Kelvin+


Our brand-new Lab-Shaker LS-Z combines approved Kuhner quality with a new modular system to provide maximum flexibility to our customers. The LS-Z, justlike its predecessor LS-X, is a sturdy benchtop shaker designed for continuous and maintenance-free operation. However, the LS-Z comes with three functional options: benchtop only/stand-alone, combinable with incubators from other manufacturers, or combined [...]

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Light protection for Kuhner incubators


There are various components of cell culture medium that are known to be sensitive to light. Kuhner shaker oers three dierent solutions to address the issue of light entering through the Shaker Incubator window; a light shade plate, a black window and a black foil. In this application note these solutions are studied in more [...]

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How to set up a cultivation with pH and DO control in the SB10-X bioreactor


This application note provides a step by step guide through the entire set-up procedure of a new cultivation in the Kuhner SB10-X bioreactor. It summarises all important work steps and gives you helpful application tips. Download Brochure

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Culturing in microwell plates


An ever-decreasing sample volume required for analysis is allowing more and more cell and microbial cultures to be downscaled from Erlenmeyer flasks to microwell plates. Due to the standardised SBS-format of microwell plates automation solutions can be implemented, greatly expanding the possibilities of fast screening and optimisation studies. Initially culturing in microwell plates was limited [...]

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