Dried Blood Spot Sampling (DBS-MS 500)


Fully automated handling of up to 500 DBS cards Optical DBS card positioning and identification including barcode reading module (OCR-module) Reliable wash station eliminates carryover Optional internal standard (IS) application module (ISA-module) Seamless integration with LC-MS system CAMAG DBS-MS 500

Dried Blood Spot Sampling (DBS-MS 500)2020-09-03T10:53:23+02:00



Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system for routine quality control Development of up to 5 HPTLC glass plates (20 × 10cm) Supports up to 3 different developing solvents Sensor-controlled constant volume of the developing solvent in the chamber during development Optimised cleaning procedure between different developing solvents Fast [...]

PRO HPTLC2022-04-02T11:00:26+02:00

Chromatogram Development


Glass Chambers Horizontal Developing Chambers SmartCut Plate Cutter Automatic Development Chamber 2 (ADC2) Automated Multiple Development (AMD2) HPTLC Vario System Automated Multiple Development (AMD2) Automatic Development Chamber 2 (ADC2)

Chromatogram Development2020-01-13T19:36:41+02:00
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