Flash Purification Solutions

  • 5.020
    The partner of daily challenges
    300 ml/min @ max. 20 bar

  • 5.020-5X
    5 Column system
    300 ml/min @ max. 20 bar

  • 5.050
    Cross-over Flash /Prep
    250 ml/min @ max. 50 bar

  • 5.007
    Process – Kilo-Lab
    750 ml/min @ max. 7 bar


puriFlash® XS 520Ultra

  • 4G to 800G for Routine Purification

  • 300 ml/min @ up to 20 bar

  • Run 24/7 with Confidence

  • It is suitable for flash columns from F0001 up to F0800 format & Prep LC columns.

puriFlash® XS 520Ultra

Peptide Purification Solutions

  • 5.250P
    Peptides complex mixtures
    125 ml/min @ max. 250 bar


Prep-LC & Ultra-Prep Solutions

  • 5.125
    Complex purifications with confidence
    250 ml/min @ max. 125 bar

  • 5.250
    Small but Limitless
    250 ml/min @ max. 250 bar

  • 5.400
    The Ultra-Purification
    125 ml/min @ max. 400 bar


The IntelligentFlashFamily


Peripheral Production Devices

  • Place the samples to be purified into the Autosampler

  • Select your method

  • Add to the Sample Queue

  • With puriFlash®AS-1 it is possible to inject samples containing 500 µL to 50 mL with an automatic cleaning of the transfer tubes in-between injections

Increasing your productivity has never been that easy

Autosampler: puriFlash AS-1

  • Position your columns (up to format F0330) using the turntable

  • Create your methods without having to wait for the previous purification to finish

  • The purifications automatically line up, one after the other

  • Sequential purification of up to 10 samples

  • It is Easy to use and will boost lab productivity in no time at all

Increase your productivity tenfold by using the Multi-Column Support

Multiple Column Support: puriFlash Open Access Lab CarouXel

  • The evaporator puriVap-6TMis the best solution for the evaporation of your samples with a volume from 2 mL to 60 mL.

  • This compact system becomes indispensable because it enables up to 6 samples to be evaporated simultaneously, even if the dimensions differ.

Our compact evaporator with multiple positions Super simple. Super smart.

Evaporator: puriVap-6