SYKAM serving customers around the world with Chromatography Equipment

➢ SYKAM Ion Chromatography Range consists of S 150 series and the S 150plus series
➢ The S 150plus series differs from S 150 series as it has self-regenerating suppressors
➢ An integrated Organic Acid Chemical Suppressor is also available
➢ The Conductivity Detector is standard but, for difficult sample matrix an optional UV/Vis detector is available
➢ The SYKAM S 150 and S 150plus Ion Chromatographs are dedicated modular systems for the analysis of anions, cations, transition metals, organic acids and amines
➢ The modular structure of the S 150/S 150plus series enables the user to configure a system tailored for their application and for specific laboratory environments
➢ Configurations range from a simple low-cost manual ion chromatography system, ideal for teaching purposes at laboratory schools, up to an advanced, automated simultaneous anion/cation analysis systems compliant with regulated GLP/GMP environments
➢ S 150 and S 150plus series have systems that are manual which can be upgraded to an automatic system at any time
➢ Manual, entry level system for Anions, are the S 151-M/G or S 151-M/Gplus
➢ Manual, entry level system for Cations, are S 152-M/G or S 152-M/Gplus
➢ S 151/S 151plus and S 152/S 152plus systems can be upgraded to a modular system which includes automation
➢ The S 155 and S 155plus is a compact, ‘all in one’ table-top instrument
➢ The advanced, automated simultaneous anion/cation system is the S 153 and S 153plus which is a Dual Anion/Cation chromatography system

SYKAM S 151/S 151plus and S 152/S 152plus IC SYSTEMS

✓ Is an economical solution for low sample throughput.
It can be upgraded to an automatic system at any time.

SYKAM S 155/ S155plus IC SYSTEMS

✓ The SYKAM S 155 or S 155plus compact ‘all-in-one’ ion chromatographs are tabletop instruments for Anion or Cation chromatography as a single unit.
As a ‘one-box’ instrument they contain the eluent pump, manual injector, column oven, integrated anion auto-suppressor and a conductivity detector.
✓ Optional are the vacuum degasser, eluent selection valve and inert gas supply regulator.

SYKAM S 153/S 153plus IC SYSTEMS

✓ The Automatic Ion Chromatograph S 153-A/AG Dual and S 153-A/AG Dualplus is a Modular system which can be customized to any application needs.

S 5300 Sample Injector

✓ The SYKAM S 5300 Sample Injector System is a reliable and accurate HPLC autosampler with excellent reproducibility and linearity properties. Variable vial racks and adaptors are available for microtiter plates as well as a multitude of options makes this system highly adaptable and suitable for any analytical application.


✓ Drinking water
✓ Tap water
✓ Sea water
✓ Wastewater
✓ Rainwater
✓ Fertilisers from agriculture
✓ Quantification of Trace elements such as Iron in Dietary supplements
✓ Ultra-trace determination in Electronic and Power Plants
✓ Quality Control and Analysis of Impurities
✓ Elemental Analysis
✓ Pharmaceuticals
✓ Urine Analysis