About Us

To be the most preferred service provider within the scientific field, not just within the Sub Saharan region, but the African Continent. We aim to be an elite entity that furthers our offering on consultation and training for all laboratory needs.

We commit to serve Scientists by providing ingenious solutions through the sales and support of high performance laboratory instrumentation.

  • Problem Solver

  • Quality provision

  • Accountability

  • Transparency with all stakeholders

  • Ethical and integral conduct within business activities

  • Delivery on promises made to stakeholders

  • Show empathy and concern for clients’ needs

  • To create Value for all our stakeholders.

  • To conduct ourselves in an ethical and professional manner w.r.t the fiduciary responsibilities charged upon us by our clients.

  • To ascertain that the quality standards set by both the regulatory authorities and ourselves, are not only met but is also improved upon and surpassed.

  • To create sustainable employment opportunities that will enable all stakeholders to live meaningful lives by achieving their envisaged goals and getting value for money.

CEO Profile

Bruno Steiner’s analytical knowledge was attained at Ciba-Geigy in Basel, Switzerland of which he had given 16 years of service. He was a Lab Manager of two Wet Chemistry Laboratories which included the Research and Development Department. This Analytical Department served all the Divisions i.e. Pharma, Agro, Polymers and Pigments for big projects worldwide.

In 1980 his Metrohm Career started in South Africa as a Product Manager at Zeiss, West Germany, at 262 Jeppe Street, Johannesburg. After 5 years, he relocated to the Metrohm Head office in Switzerland. Thereafter, he was responsible for the Metrohm Sales in the Basel region. Later, he became Sales Manager for Switzerland and also Product Manager worldwide for the business development of Meters (pH, Ion, Conductivity, e.t.c), Electrodes and Dosing systems.

Bruno’s love for South Africa brought him back as a Product Manager at Swiss Lab of which he gave 10 years of service. In 2007, Metrohm SA was established. For 4 years, he had supported the Metrohm Sales team as a Technical Director. Every year, Bruno presented several Seminars which became very popular and essential for keeping chemists informed of innovative techniques and improved chemistry.

After 30 Years at Metrohm, in February 2011 Bruno had taken a step further in starting ‘Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy’ that provides product offerings of analytical instrumentation within the fields of study in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Energy & Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry Education, Chemical Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Imaging & Spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Photochemistry and Synthesis.

Company Profile

It is a privilege and honour to have this opportunity of introducing Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy, here on referred to as BSLC. BSLC is a company dedicated in providing advanced, pioneering solutions with the sales and support of continuous innovative laboratory instrumentation. BSLC can assist in the design and equipping of laboratories as well as training of analysts in utilising the instrumentation effectively and efficiently which entails drafting of standard operation procedures, ensuring IQ and OQ validations and consulting in all laboratory affairs.

BSLC offers practical lab solutions to the Scientific Market i.e. for government and private sector, either in a production or research based environment. We understand that each lab has different impediments and requires tailor made solutions. BSLC provides more than 50 years of experience in the Wet Chemistry field and thrives in providing resolutions within this industry.

We have encompassed services that will set new dimensions in as far as to get our clients’ personnel up to the acceptable level of competency when running labs respectively. We are a consulting and training enterprise which gives clients measurable guidance; recommends latest equipment or applications to support productivity and/or research whilst pursuing transfer of knowledge and skills within the training offering.

We intend to challenge existing Market Players within this industry by curving a niche for ourselves using an approach of genuinely upskilling analysts either by training; equipping with relevant, innovative instrumentation or applications. Not only do we diagnose the problem per lab, we assist our clients to ensure that they function on an optimal level taking ‘troubleshooting’ knowledge transfer (either from an analytical or maintenance perspective) into consideration.

We anticipate a serious demand for our service, as we have the ‘know-how’ and tenacity to provide the required service so desired. Often, service providers in the current market tend to be inflexible and too conventional, therefore neglecting the new variables of needs arising as a result of the diversification of the market.

Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy believes the key to the clients’ systems, process accuracy and longevity is to choose the level of service that best suits their needs and budget. We can assist by providing the appropriate instrumentation, applications, methods and maintenance that is required.

Experience within the company

  • Bruno Steiner headed two wet chemistry laboratories, including the Research and Development Department. This Analytical Department served all the Divisions (i.e. Pharma, Agro, Polymers and Pigments) for big projects worldwide.
  • Analytical Training courses for students.
  • Responsible for Metrohm sales in Basel region
  • Metrohm Sales Manager – Switzerland
  • Worldwide Product manager – Meters, Electrodes and Dosing systems.
  • Firefighter – handy man to have in the lab!
  • Technical Director
  • Training & Seminars

After 30 Years at Metrohm, in February 2011 Bruno have taken a step further in starting “Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy” offering training and consulting in his favourite field.

Please take advantage of ‘more than 50 years’ practical experience by getting your Laboratory and Laboratory Personnels to an advanced level of meeting business requirements and expertise:

  • Training of Lab Personnel in pH, ISE, Conductivity, Titrations, KF and Voltammetry (Polarography)
  • Development of methods for the above techniques
  • Validation
  • Writing SOP’s
  • Designing and equipping Laboratories

Laboratory Instrumentation

Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy is the sole provider of four world class Laboratory Instrument Suppliers.


Advion is a leader of Mass Spectrometers and Micro Fluid Systems based upon decades of LC/MS expertise. Advion produces the most compact and most economical priced Mass Spectrometer.

NEW: Advion offers the complete Range of (U)HPLC, ICP-MS

Interchim produces formidable instrumentation for Flash Chromatography, Preparative LC, Protein Analysis and Purification of Proteins & Peptides.

BioLogic SAS

BioLogic designs and manufactures high performance, research laboratory instrumentation for electrochemistry.

  • Rapid-Kinetics, Spectroscopy & Photosynthesis
  • Electrochemical Scanning Systems
  • Material Testing
  • Battery & Fuel Cell Testing
  • Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Systems
  • Super Capacitors
  • Electrophysiology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sensor Development
  • Corrosion
  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat

CAMAG AG, Switzerland

World’s Leader in Thin Layer Chromatography supporting TLC,HPTLC, HPTLC PRO and Dried Blood Spot Sampling.

Kuhner AG, Switzerland

World’s most reliable Shaker/Shaking Incubator (from 2g up to 2tons) for more than 60 years, with 5 years warranty.

Sykam IC

The High Performance Ion Chromatography Specialists