HPTLC is a valuable tool for analyzing substances in complex matrices, like samples taken during fermentation.

HPTLC is a robust and matrix-tolerant analytical technique suitable for analyzing substances in complex matrices like intermediates and products during fermentation and cultivation of cell cultures. The different analytical tasks in the biotech industry include process control, quality control, and cleaning validation. For all manufacturers of life science products optimized production processes with minimal interruptions between production cycles are required. Short analysis times allowing short change-over times between different products in the same production unit are therefore in demand. With HPTLC several samples can be analyzed simultaneously and often without or just with a minimal sample preparation. HPTLC is therefore suited as high sample throughput technique at low costs per sample. It also offers the unbeatable advantage to evaluating a plate at any stage of the analytical process and using several detection modes (e.g. UV, fluorescence) in sequence, if required. CAMAG’s instrumental systems are designed to meet the expert’s needs to quantify active ingredients, to successfully analyze various types of impurities in finished products, to control the stage of a production process (in-process control), and to allow clearance of a production unit in a cleaning validation.

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